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It’s easy to get stuck in a makeup comfort zone, but playing with lipstick is an easy way to mix things up.

We asked makeup king, Napoleon Perdis, for some tips on getting your lips as poppin’ as a Lil Mama song.


Pair it with: a nude eye and black or blue mascara, peachy blush and a defined brow.
Must-have product: DeVine Goddess lipstick in Aphrodite.
How to: begin by tapping a small amount of gold eyeshadow on the cupids bow to highlight the lips. Next, generously coat a lip brush with red lipstick. Start your application from the outer corners and work your way in. Line lips last using a sharpened red lip pencil. This will ensure the lip edge looks clean and crisp and provides longevity.
Tip: if you accidentally overdraw the lips, simply use a cotton tip with a touch of primer to remove excess.


Pair it with: luminous skin and a neutral eye. Or you can smoke it up with sexy dark chocolates, smudgy black liner and lashings of mascara.
Must-have product: DeVine Goddess lipstick in Clio.
Tip: the beauty of a nude lip is that it looks natural. It can be worn on its own or you can pump up the volume using a clear or matching nude lip gloss.


Pair it with: gold or copper eyeshadow and finish with a generous coat of mascara. Keep it simple and let your lips do the talking.
Must-have product: DeVine Goddess lipstick in Thalia.
How to: to keep your brown lipstick on all day, begin by applying a matching brown lip liner all over. Next, add your lipstick to a lip brush and start your application from the outer corners, working your way towards the centre of the lip. Line lips again to ensure your lipstick doesn’t move, and to keep the edges crisp and clean.


This article was originally published in Fashion Journal 160. You can read it here.

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