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What it’s really like growing up in a cosmetics empire.

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Having a father who is a world-famous make-up artist sounds like a whole bunch of fun. An endless supply of cosmetics, beauty tips on tap – pretty much what dreams are make of right? We caught up with Angelene, Alexia, Athina and Lianna, daughters of make-up guru, Napoleon Perdis, to find out what it’s really like growing up in a cosmetics empire.

What’s the best thing about having a dad who is a famous make-up artist with his own line of products?

Angelene: The best thing is we are able to try different types of cosmetics before they are even available. We also get to visit different facilities where cosmetics are made and be part of creating the magic. As for the hardest part, I don’t think there is one. Except maybe not having enough space to store all of our make-up!

Alexia: The best thing is we are able to give our personal opinion and feedback. We get to try different shades, formulas and types of cosmetics and kind of be part of the development process.

Athina: For me, the best thing is being among all the amazing creations. Different types of products, fresh shades and combinations. I love that we are able to give our dad our feedback and really be part of the process.

Lianna: I love all of the tips, tricks and feedback we are able to get from him. We are also fortunate to be able to try on products that are not on the market yet, and even give him our own opinion on them. It’s amazing!

When were you allowed to start wearing make-up?

Angelene: I was about 12 I think, but nothing fancy, mostly a really good cleansing routine and nail polish to start with.

Alexia: Maybe a couple of years ago. I am crazy about lip glosses, so I think this is what I started with.

Athina: I started around 12 too with my favourite lip gloss (Cherchez La Femme Luminous Lip Veil) and a touch of blush.

Lianna: I was about 12 or 13. I started with lip gloss, nail polish and mascara.

What’s your favourite thing about make-up and beauty?

Angelene: It’s all about matching your mood with your looks. Make-up can make you transform your looks depending on how you feel. That’s pretty awesome!

Alexia: It picks me up even when I am feeling down. Make-up really helps me find my passion with all the different colours and

textures and combinations.

Athina: The fun of it! All different textures, colours, options. It’s a world of its own and always surprises me.

Lianna: I love how unique and different all people are. Make-up helps people enhance their own version of themselves and highlight what they are proud of.

Do you think any of you will follow your dad’s footsteps into the beauty world?

Angelene: I would defnitely want to spend a little time working in the company. I am not sure if this is something I would choose as a career but I want to get to know what it is all about.

Alexia: I would love to! I really want to be able to have an internship period within the company to learn all of the procedures.

Athina: I sure hope so! I want to get involved as much as possible with our business! I am not sure in what capacity but I would love to learn all of the mechanics.

Lianna: I would love to get involved with the company. I have not yet decided what I want to do in my life, but starting to get involved in the company I think will help me decide what my future steps will be.

What’s your favourite beauty product?

Angelene: I am all about brows! Browtox is of course my favourite product!

Alexia: I love my lip products. Lip glosses and lipsticks make my day!

Athina: I LOVE mascara! It can change the way your eyes look and can be applied even on its own! The effect is always stunning!

Lianna: Hmm that is quite hard. I think the most important step for all make-up is foundation. So I would have to choose foundation

just because it gives me the best prepared canvas on which I can create any look.

When your dad isn’t busy working, what do you guys like to do together?

Angelene: Since we moved to Greece we spend a lot of time travelling to different parts of the city so that we learn more and more about our new home!

Alexia: I really love going for drives or strolls on the beach. Living close to the water, and especially now that Greek summer is fast approaching, I hope we get to do more and more.

Athina: We love watching movies, especially documentaries and real-life based films. They are so inspiring!

Lianna: I really like that my dad is involved in di®erent charities and helping people in general. I try to spend time with him helping those less fortunate.

Tell us about your skincare routine?

Angelene: Cleansing for me is the most important part of my routine. I make sure my face is fresh and hydrated before applying any make-up or before I go to bed.

Alexia: The one thing I never forget to do is to prepare my skin, before applying any make-up.

Athina: I really love making new shades by mixing existing ones! I will always apply different types of lip gloss over my lipstick and create my own personal shade. I even do it with eye shadows! It’s so much fun!

Lianna: I always make sure that my foundation is uniform and matte. My secret is to use different types of foundation depending on

your skin and seasons.

What’s the best beauty advice you could give to someone?

Angelene: Your most beautiful feature is your smile!

Alexia: Believe in yourself.

Athina: Experiment and embrace your creativity!

Lianna: Find your inner beauty and let others see it!

What’s one piece of beauty advice your dad gives you that you don’t do?

Angelene: To begin shaping my brows from the arch inwards…. That is always an issue between us!

Alexia: To try different shades of glosses. Honestly, when I find one I like, I get obsessed until it is all gone.

Athina: Start my make-up by applying mascara first. He is right, it does make a huge difference but the truth is I sometimes forget.

Lianna: Experiment with colour! Once I find a shade I like, it’s really hard to move on.


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