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We all like having a well-stocked beauty collection. We all like heaving super nice products in that collection. But unless your made of money or have a sister that works at Mecca, it's almost financially impossible to have both.

So we’ve put our stingy heads together and compiled a list of our favourite beauty products under $20. And tbh, most of these are just as good as their three-digit equivalent.

Take our advice on these nine cheapo beauty buys and save that mulla pals.

1. Besame 1930 Red Tango Lipstick – Veronica

So this one doesn’t quite fit into the under $20 bracket but the extra $2 is worth it. Not only is the packaging super fancy, the lipstick is really long wearing and the colour is ace. ($22)

2. MAC Sized to Go Strobe Cream – Tabby

It’s like an illuminator on the go. Lights, camera, action. ($15)

3. Lanolips 101 Fruities Strawberry – Giulia

Love it because it nourishes like pawpaw ointment, but smells suspiciously like a strawberry Lip Smacker I had when I was 10. It's a winning combination. ($13.95)

4. Australis AC on Tour Powder Contouring and Highlighting Palette – Eliza

Seriously, just as good as the expensive ones. You can’t tell the difference and now you have extra money for doughnuts. ($16.95)

5. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – Leah

Cheap and cheerful and works just as well as the pricier micellar waters on the market. ($12.99)

6. Homemade face scrubs! – Amy

A bit of brown sugar, coconut oil and a trip to the spice isle in Coles is all you need. 

7. Garnier BB cream – Kendell

It's literally like putting the Instagram Valencia filter on your skin. And everyone obvs knows the power of a Valencia filter: silky smooth and even looking skin-tone. ($15.95)

8. Sukin Rosehip Oil – Laura 

Winter equals dry, dull, yucky skin. A few drops of rosehip oil every few days will transform your skin from a nay to a yay. Seriously get around it. ($17.95)

9. Carmex lip balm – Mads

One word. Carmex. ($5.99)

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