Byredo has launched customisable fragrance bottles

We know what you’re getting for your next birthday.

There’s a first for everything and after 10 years in the fragrance market, Byredo is celebrating another.

The Swedish brand has released a nameless eau de parfum. That’s it. No name. Blank bottle. Clean slate.

The idea for you to interpret the fragrance as anything you want it to be. Fun and flirty? Dark and mysterious? Hungover and masking your need for a shower? Whatever it is, go for it. Be the best you that you can be.

If you need a little more info than that ^^^ to buy a fragrance, the unnamed perfume has top notes of pink pepper and gin accord, heart notes of orris stem and lush violet, and base notes of treemoss and fir balsam.

The bottle also comes with a blank label and a set of Byredo stickers, meaning you can customise the label as you see fit. It also means you know what you’ll be getting for your next birthday.

Byredo’s nameless fragrance is available online now, take a closer look here.


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