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Eliza Sholly
Dior has nabbed the perfect face for its new fragrance, Poison Girl.
Camille Rowe is young, French and oh so cool. Her Instagram is officially #goals and her passport has more stamps than Margaret Zhang. She also embodies a quality that captures the essence of the brand. 
The fragrance is described as an intoxicating scent - paralysing the senses with a burst of sexiness. This is captured within the accompanying film created by SO ME, a graphic designer/video director who is known for working with Kanye West and Kid Cudi. 
Poison Girl is less of a fragrance and more a story of femininity. This is so something we can get on board with.
If you want to get a free secret sample of Poison girl, you can head here.
Poison girl is available on February 29.

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