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Kendell Bardenhagen

Glowing skin and science go hand in hand. But for most of us (who don’t have a science degree lying around), it’s tricky to understand what our skin needs – or doesn’t need. 

That’s where our friends at Biology Smart Skincare come in. 

The Australian-made skincare label prides itself on clean formulas. You’ll find no harmful ingredients, so you can say goodbye to sulphates, silicones and artificial colours. Instead, Biology uses a combination of native plant DNA complexes, aromatic essential oils and antioxidants – all the good stuff your skin needs. 

What sets Biology apart is its focus on bioactive plant-based ingredients. These work in synergy with the body’s natural mechanisms to restore, maintain and protect your skin. 

Biology's special formula includes a unique wild berry complex, made from the bioactive components of native Australian super berries. The complex is combined with the highest-grade therapeutic oils to address common skin problems.

Unlike ingredients (such as soaps and detergents) that alter the skin’s pH level, Biology Smart Skincare is formulated to a pH level that is ideal for healthy skin. No dry, oily, congested or sensitive skin here.

Big players are already across just how good Biology Smart Skincare is, with the recent announcement the brand is now stocked at Urban Outfitters. 

And we want you to be across this too. We're offering you lucky FJ readers 25 per cent off Biology Smart Skincare. Simply enter JOURNAL25 at the checkout until the April 30.  


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