Nailed it.

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Anastasia McInerney

Step aside SNS. LA brand, Orly, has created a nail polish that allows your nails to actually ~breathe~.

Known as the Breathable Treatment and Colour Line, the new polish is formulated to allow water and oxygen to slip through to the nail.

Previous formulas would create a barrier between the polish, the nail and oxygen, suffocating the nail.

But it’s 2016 baby. Instead, this new formula uses the same technology as contact lenses, allowing oxygen and hydration are able to penetrate through to the nail, preventing icky flakes and chips.

The polish is also formulated with Argan oil, pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin C, to help to strengthen and nourish the nail even further.

Added bonus: it’s a base coat, colour and topcoat all in one.

Just when the polish seems to tick all the boxes, it’s been said to be suitable for Muslim women.

During prayer, the Islamic ritual of washing the body extends to the hands. Previously, nail polish would block water from touching the nails, therefore preventing Muslim women from wearing it.

The new water-penetrating formula allows for religious practice, and beautifully manicured hands simultaneously.

There’s also been speculation that Orly is currently working to gain halal-certificication in Europe.


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