Treat yo selfie.

Words by

Zoe Beer

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder – well now that beholder has some serious manipulation software.

While manipulating photos is not exactly new, a new technology has been released that is a little different from your average Snapchat filter.

Researchers from Princeton University have developed a software that can adjust the distance of subject from the lens after a photo has been taken.

Obviously, with the age we live in, we’ve instantly turned to a relatable, everyday instance in which this can be used to benefit us non-professional photographers: selfies.

In layman’s terms, a photo taken from a close distance (say, from arm’s length with front camera on) can be adjusted to look less double chin-centric. And those taken further away can be made to look as if they were taken closer, without any of the downfalls that come with that focal length and angle (a.k.a big noses, weak chins, and sloping foreheads).

Basically, the struggle of trying to hit that perfect angle for your selfie may soon be a distant memory.

However, with the software more likely to hit up Photoshop than Snapchat in the near future, you might have to make peace with your naturally beautiful face for now.

Check out the video below and the more technical explanation here.

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