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Carlos Mangubat

Name: Apot.Care Eye Revive Treatment for men
Price: $96
What it does: a treatment that "reduces the signs of ageing and fatigue of the delicate eye contour zone."
Key ingredients: a combination of "powerful ophthalmic active ingredients" to increase cell renewal and promote skin rejuvenation.
Available from: mecca.com.au

How it feels/smells/looks

The texture of the product feels almost like a second skin. It’s light, odourless and feels like it's barely there. 

Why I like it

This definitely feels like a quality product. After application, my skin felt hydrated but not layered or heavy. My skin also appeared to have a light shimmer, maybe only evident in the light.

Areas for improvement

The packaging doesn’t really indicate how much of the product to use and how to apply it. For a first time user, it maybe a little confusing. Although the price point does reflect a high-end user who is (maybe) more aware of skincare treatments.  

Final comments

Although the product is a little out of my price range, it feels worth the money. I would like to see how it performs over time and see if I look at least a year younger after six months of use. 

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