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Giulia Brugliera

Name: Ella Baché Intensive Extreme Regeneration Mask
Price: $78
What it does: A sheet mask to instantly plump the skin, enhancing the absorption of moisture and creating a protective barrier
Key ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, collagen
Available from: ellabache.com.au

How it feels/smells/looks

Like most sheet masks, it feels quite gooey and is fiddly to apply. However once on, it sits better than most sheet masks I’ve used. It also ‘set’ comfortably onto my face. I was able to drink a tea within a few minutes, without it sliding around my face.

Why I like it

My skin feels amazing post-use. It's instantly smoother, more plump and with improved elasticity. It's just like I’ve been drinking from the Fountain of Youth and my skin has reverted to its eight-year-old state. It’s the perfect base for makeup application, if you decide to wear makeup at all.

Areas for improvement

The price. There are only two masks in each pack. 

Final comments

If I could, I'd use these weekly. Sadly, my budget will not allow it. 

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