It was easy but seriously tested my dedication to the teeth whitening game.

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Amber De Luca - Tao

We all want a set of pearly whites, like the ones we see in Colgate commercials. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t blessed with a naturally-gleaming white smile.

If you want to erase some of those stains that stare back at you in the mirror, it’s certainly not hard. You don’t even have to give up wine or coffee (like that was even an option). Thanks to tooth-whitening kits, you can have your cake and eat it too.

I tested out the Smiley Miley tooth-whitening kit. There are only five “simple steps” to bright whites. You need to mould two trays to fit your teeth using hot water, fill them with whitening gel and place in your mouth along with a LED light. 40 minutes later and you’re done, easy as pie.

But for the treatment to work effectively, there’s one important ingredient required. And it isn’t mentioned in the contents list. That ingredient is dedication. Why? Because parts of the process will possibly annoy you more than any of the ‘potential’ side effects. 

Leaving the gel moulds in your mouth, along with the LED light, makes your mouth sore
Keeping your mouth open for 20 - 40 minutes is difficult, mentally and physically. I found that in the last 10 minutes of the process, my jaw became quite sore and tired. I just couldn’t wait to remove all the pieces from my mouth (and to check my smile in the mirror, of course).

You have to do it twice daily, for seven days, so don’t expect instant results
Don’t be disheartened when there’s no immediate visible difference in the colour of your teeth. The whitening process is not one that is complete overnight.

I have quite a busy schedule and am often out of the house, so I struggled to stick to the proposed schedule. When I did manage to do it, the most convenient times were after I ate breakfast and before bed. Realistically, what this really meant was that my teeth were going to take longer than a week to reach their final form.

There was a massive saliva build-up
I had to keep a bowl next to me to spit out the ever-growing pool of saliva inside of my mouth. It was quite unpleasant. But hey, #realtalk.

You can’t eat/drink anything that might stain your teeth for the following two hours
No one likes being told they aren’t allowed to eat, so this step of the process didn’t sit well with me. I became paranoid that any food I put in my mouth, within two hours of the treatment, would stain my teeth ten times worse than any other time. So, I decided to eat nothing and sit hangry at the risk of doing more damage than benefit to my soon-to-be pearly whites.

There are side effects
The first time I used it, I noticed a slight increase in the sensitivity of my gums. I guess this was due to the foreign chemicals I’d placed in my mouth, as well as the LED light. None of the side effects listed are severe or permanent (or so they say).

All negatives aside, the results speak for themselves
There’s no doubt the treatment works. It just depends on your level of persistence and how much (or should I say, how quickly) you want that million dollar smile. 

If you scroll through the Insta page, you’ll find loads of success stories. And by success stories, I mean countless selfies of happy customers showcasing their brand spanking new ‘Smiley Miley smile’. The teeth are so white, they’re almost blinding. Enter page at own risk.


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