So ladies, remember back somewhere between '08 and '10 when Lauren Conrad was the queen of the messy up-do braid

(Come on, we all tried it. Don't lie.)

Elizabeth Shedwick from TONI&GUY shows us how to create the ultimate wispy up-do and it has blown the game wide open. Sorry LC.

1. Pre prep hair with label.m Sea Salt Spray. 

2. Twist the hair into five-six twisted buns and secure with a clip. 

3. Apply heat from hair dryer to mesh in Sea Salt Spray, creating rough textured waves. 

4. Spray hair with label.m Texturising Volume Spray.

5. Separate hair in two sections.

6. Create a fishtail braid in both sections.

(How-to fishtail braid). 

Take a section of hair and divide into two.

Fine pieces of hair are sub-divided from the outside of the two sections and crossed into the centre.

7. Apply label.m Ressurection Dust to braid. Pull out braids and rub up and down braids to create a messy, undone texture.

8. Wrap braids around head and secure with pins. Manipulate hair throughout crown and around hairline, creating a wispy effect.

9. Apply hairspray to a large make-up brush and brush over any areas with excess flyaways. 

10. Finish with a light covering of hairspray.

Tee from vale.

Eddie New
Elizabeth Shedwick
Ania Milczarczyk
Talia @ Chic Management

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