Is it really worth the hype and the $38?

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Amber De Luca - Tao

Kylie Jenner’s only forms of advertising are Twitter and her personal Snapchat account. So if you have no clue what a Kylie Jenner Lipkit is, you probably have things to do in your life. 

In pursuit of ensuring our readers are well-informed, here’s a brief lowdown: 

Ridiculously famous/rich/balloon-lipped Kylie Jenner recently launched her own beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics. Kylie Cosmetics specialises in lipkits. Don’t know what a lipkit is? That’s fine, it’s not a real thing. Kylie made up the name. It’s basically a package that includes both a matte liquid lipstick and a pencil lip liner.

As history tells us, at a random time and day, Kylie will announce she is restocking lipkits at her online store. If you wanna score one, you need to have some quick af finger skills and good internet connection, because for whatever reason, they sell out every time. This may be because Kylie Jenner has huge lips thanks to lip fillers, but that’s just speculative. 

Buying a lipkit will defs not break the bank. It’s priced at $29USD ($38AUD) and sits in a similar price bracket as many industry faves including MAC lipsticks at $36 and Napoleon Perdis lipsticks which are $38 each. These products have earned their place in the hearts of users everywhere, thanks to their amazing quality.

So at this stage there’s one thing we know for sure about the Kylie Lipkit: it’s definitely affordable. But is it really worth the struggle it takes to acquire one? Or is it really all just hype? 

I had a chat to my friend who scored two kits a few weeks ago. Let the lipstick analysis begin:

1. What shade(s) do you own?

Koko and Dolce.

2. What is the texture of the lipstick when applied to lips?

It’s surprisingly very creamy and thin, and once you have it on it feels like you’re wearing nothing!

3. Is the colour itself pigment-rich? 

The colour is very full and pigmented, which is always what you want to find in a lipstick. One of the problems I found is that all the lipkits were a lot darker than expected, so I was very surprised to see what it looked like on. For example Dolce, to me, seemed like True Brown in the photos. In saying that, Kylie ALWAYS has a heavy and very thick layer of fake tan on, so I’m sure my Casper the Friendly Ghost-like completion is very different to hers.

4. Is the brush easy to work with?

The brush is very fluffy and comfortable to apply to your lips.

5. Is it long-lasting? Do you have to reapply many times during wear?

This is the biggest pro of the kit. I literally apply it in the morning and I don’t bother to bring it in my purse because it lasts ALL DAY. I can eat, drink, heck I could make out with a chicken burger and the colour still stays on… The only way I can take the lipkit off is with makeup remover and an exfoliating glove.

6. Did it alter the moisture of your lips? Did they become dry/moist/no effect?

In the beginning, your lips feel moisturised and plump, but towards the end of the day they’re very dry and lack moisture. We also have our Australian dry weather to blame for that, as all lipsticks dry lips out here.

7. Does it have a scent?

It smells like yummy candy!

8. Last but not least, is it kiss-proof? 

I’ve yet to test that theory out, but I’m guessing if I can mack on with a chicken burger, I’m sure it’s kiss-proof.


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