No family can keep a secret from their babysitter.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

If there’s anything 12 years as a babysitter-cum-nanny will teach you, it’s that no family can keep a secret from their babysitter.

A child’s honesty will penetrate any wall of silence the family has so calculatingly built, which is why the stories of nannies are so juicy. Especially those of the rich and famous.

Nanny Confidential is a first-hand account of the daily life and juicy stories of a nanny for the stars. It’s (sadly) fictional, but so is 90 per cent of what’s in gossip mags and that doesn’t make them any less delicious.

It’s also just as trashy, but anyone who pretends they’re too good for celeb rumours can seriously just go away.

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A few things to note here.
You’ve got nothing to lose except $29.99.
Exploring the intersection of two creative industries.
Manufactured glamour to the nth degree.
I really, really do not want to sound like a cynic here.
For all its sadness, this is not a depressing book.
Work, work, work, work, work.
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It’s easy to say romance is dead.
The trifecta: Sex, money, murder.
A heady mix of childhood nostalgia and cultural relevancy.
A how-to guide for bluffing your way through intellectual conversations.
Next time someone utters the phrase ‘should of’ I’m going to scream.
A travel guide you'll actually use.
Who doesn’t like looking at Hepburn?
Kind of like Gossip Girl, but a bajilloon times richer.
The perfect coffee table book.
For my sisters who loved The Devil Wears Prada and find the Kardashians relevant.
You did good Lagerfeld, you did good.