Full-time, Sydney

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Company: Camilla
Job title: Store Manager
Location: Bondi Beach NSW
Employment type: Full-time

Role Description

The Retail Management Angels are an integral part of our business. They are the drivers behind the overall success for all retail outlets across the CAMILLA network, including stand-alone stores and Camilla World concessions within David Jones.

We're searching for an experienced Boutique Manager to join our Tribe and to oversee the day-to-day management of our Bondi Beach Boutique.

As the Boutique Manager, you will have full accountability of your boutique across all areas of performance and operations through the effective leadership of your team. With the support of a 2IC, the key function of your role is to mentor and nurture your Angels to ensure you have established a highly developed and fully functional retail team. You will also be responsible for achieving Company Key Performance Indicators and Sales results that reflect and align with the rate of company growth.

Day-to-day, our Boutique Manage will be expected to:

  • Maintain the highest level of service to our retail customer
  • Uphold a high performance culture through individual skill development, succession and engagement across all retail staff
  • Meet all financial, operational and service KPI’s
  • Preserve standards as per the creation and execution of internal policies and procedures
  • Implement innovative approaches to meeting growing consumer demand
  • Expand the CAMILLA customer reach, through business development and opening and operating new stores within the National network


Our unique culture forms the beating heart of CAMILLA. Therefore, a cultural fit will be essential.

This is an eclectic, highly spirited creative brand that dances to the beat of its own drum. You will be someone who relishes in such surroundings, and tackles it with a fearless, outgoing personality.

The Boutique Manager will be self-motivated, but will also be motivating to the wider business. They will be able to perform the role of a calming influencer, demonstrating solution findings as well as being a strategic thinker.

They will have the hunger to be the best Boutique Manager in the market, and set the benchmark for customer interaction. In return, CAMILLA will provide the boutique, the product, the team and the opportunity to make it all happen.

The crowned individual will be a fashion retail thoroughbred. They will need to bear a minimum of 2+ years' experience in a high end retail management position, have a powerhouse of industry knowledge and relationships with high-end fashion clientele in Sydney.

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