Freelance, Sydney

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Samantha Wills

Company: Samantha Wills
Job title: Graphic Designer
Location: Alexandria 
Employment type: Freelance

Role description

Scenario: you walk into your favourite store and see a pile of jumpers. They’re all white. Neatly folded, stacked in ascending size order. Except one. A pink one (3rd from the top). Sitting askew in the pile. 

Do you:

a) Continue browsing the store, unaffected by this order breakdown.

b) Run out of the store immediately. You’re so traumatised by this visual atrocity that it’s broken your shopping stride.

c) Pull the offending jumper out, refold and place on the pink pile. You restore balance to the universe and continue in your problem-solving day.

If you answered C, you are amongst an elite group of people that we would LOVE to hear from. You probably see the world a bit differently. The posters on your childhood wall were probably hung with tonal awareness.

Your daily outfit is a conscious creation of awe-inspiring colour-coordination (who would have thought burgundy and mustard stripes could work, but you make it!). You know the Adobe suite like Anna Wintour knows fashion (everything about anything, ever).

We’re here to tell you that you’re special. You may have felt it before, or perhaps you’ve lived your life to this point completely unaware of the gift that lives deep down. You are a creative. Nay, a designer. And we have a spare desk with your name on it. 


We’re on the hunt for a Graphic Designer to join our team in a freelance capacity. The role will be a full immersion into the brand with the opportunity to extend to full-time.

You, in all your designing glory will provide innovative and high-impact visual solutions across every touch point of the SAMANTHA WILLS brand. Working closely with the Brand Manager, your conceptualisation and execution of brand look-and-feel strategies will strive to create an immersive consumer experience. You are a storyteller, and an enthusiastic aesthete with an impeccable eye for detail. Coordinating all brand and product photography, you will create all assets across e-commerce, marketing and wholesale departments. Your team is one that favours pushing boundaries and creating excitement and newness, and you will feel right at home.

Does this feel more like your biography than a job ad? Good. Send everything about you (ie your portfolio and elevator pitch) through to rosalie@samanthawills.com

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