Officially the party of the year (as voted by everyone).

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

We had a Christmas party with Beat and it was officially the party of the year.

An eclectic and fashion-forward mix of Melbourne's cool kids joined the festivities, rocking more facial hair, double-denim and rainbow highlights than we could count. We tried, but gave up as things started to get more uh, 'festive'.

There were ridiculously good-looking bar staff serving Budweiser, Vodka O and Apple Head, performances by GL, Sex on Toast and Drunk Mums (which as you can see, got a little crazy), and sets later spun by Edd Fisher and DJ Prequel. And as the night rolled on and we all remembered we'd forgotten to eat dinner, the Toasta truck became a shining beacon of hope and pure toasty goodness.

But Best on Ground goes to that dance floor. Never has the office carpark been so turnt up.

Photography: James Robinson @ AEVOE

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