Founded in New York back in 2014, Cocurata is as an exhibition space, studio and fashion house created by art curator George Benias and George Gorrow (of ksubi fame). Launching its latest AW15 collection, Abstraction, Cocurata blends the worlds of both art and fashion with perfect precision. 

Contemporary artists Trudy Benson, Steve More and Matt Jones will deliver total and utter viewing bliss in the latest instalment, with each piece directly inspired by the artists' work.

Multi-textural designs and unexpected, vast colour schemes make for some bold statements, while classic fabrics, manipulated by modern techniques, exude contemporary wearability. It's Cocurata’s most-loved characteristic.

Structured fits and intricate graphics give an element of sophisticated elegance, balancing the more agile, sport influenced looks, to meet a broad spectrum of taste. These guys nail attention to detail as far as design styles go, with a diverse selection of edgy, eclectic essentials and lots of layering options.

Channelling androgyny as well as femininity, this collection is heavenly.

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