In the concrete jungles and glass prisons that saturate modern society and life, we often lose touch with nature and the inherent beauty of an unadulterated earth. Australian concept label Asuar and its Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, Untold Land, is created as an aide-mémoire to nomadic tales and unexplored terrains.

Artist and designer Lauren Atkinson combines natural textures with earthy tones in this collection to explore the different components of artistic and cultural influences. She incorporates her love of travel, art and culture to create striking interpretations of natural environments, which form the cornerstone of her designs.

Atkinson’s other collections observe the interplay between various environments, fusing industrial fastenings and androgynous silhouettes, pinstripes with custom digital prints, and pleating with rustic raw edges.

Asuar is available nationwide in select boutiques and receive 10% off the new collection when you shop online.

Untold Land hits the stores March 2015. 

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