Queen of minimalist design and the genius behind the label búl, Virginia Martin, can do no wrong. In five short years búl has expanded at an amazing rate, with five Australian stores and international expansion to New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.

If that is not convincing enough, the Melbourne label has been shortlisted for the Tiffany and Co. National Designer Award, two years in a row.

Signatures of búl's designs include minimalism, fine detail and natural fabrics to create outfits that are practical and sleek. Each collection is based on a coastline, with the Autumn '15 line inspired by the Scottish seaside. If harsh and rugged terrain is what you imagine though, Martin will change your mind.

This drop is completely elegant and beautifully crisp. The Scotland Collection incorporates knitted dresses, leather pieces and coats to keep you warm as the weather cools down. Features of the line include the expected use of tartan, charcoal, sea green and grey, completed with bright fuchsia and aqua fabrics and patterns in a tribute to the Northern Lights. What's not to love?


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