Since launching her self titled label in 2012, Celeste Tesoriero's raw and effortless designs have gained her numerous retailers across Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

A big believer in slow fashion, Celeste is back with a new collection that suits slow fashion superbly. Her new loungewear range values comfort and quality above all else.

The pieces are classic, non-seasonal and gender neutral, and will be released sporadically over the coming season. They'll be designed and released as Celeste feels the need for an update.

"I am inviting the customers on a super personal journey with me and their CT loungewear," she said.

Speaking of personal, you can even get the pocket of your pyjama shirt embroided with your name. Who wouldn't want personalised pyjamas?

The collection includes silk playsuits, kimonos, matching underwear sets, pinstripes suits and a number of other comfortable collectables.

Everything is made with sustainability in mind because Celeste wants you to open your wardrobe and think, "I don't need anything. I have everything I need."

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