Melbourne label, Chorus, is challenging the current fashion market. 

Announcing its deviation from the regular flow of fashion production earlier in the year, the label now produces Monthly Editions. 

Instead of following the usual fashion calendar, each month the label releases new made-to-order styles for limited release. These Monthly Editions are simultaneously sustainable and swoon-worthy.

This month’s collaboration sees Vietnamese textile designer, Lucie Ketelsen, work with the team to create a collection inspired by Ketelsen’s roots in Ho Chi Minh City.  

The Saigon shirt and skirt are the standouts for this month. The team trawled local markets for second hand shirts, which were then unpicked, embroidered with Ketelsen’s designs and placed onto Italian twill cotton. The off-cuts didn’t go to waste, with the remainder of the fabric used in the construction of the skirts.

The range also includes a tailored trouser in a raspberry or cool-grey pinstripe, and the brand’s classic half sleeve top in merino jersey.

There will only be 10 each of the Saigon shirt and the skirt produced, with 15 per cent of the sales going to donating books and libraries to primary schools and orphanages in Asia.

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