We’re constantly baffled by the incredible talent coming out of our unis. The work of Hugh Stewart is no different.

Framed by Sebastian Petrovski, this shoot explores Hugh’s RMIT master's collection, which is the perfect collision of detailed design and texture.

While on set, we also had a chat with Hugh to learn more about his collection.

What came first, styling or design? 

Both really. They work hand in hand for my practice and context. Although my background is in styling (and it has a huge influence in the way I work), I have a strong passion for design.

When did you start styling?

I have always been very passionate about fashion. I started with styling a few years ago. This was such a great opportunity to get my feet on the ground; also as a means of building a profile and relationships with agencies and other creatives in the industry. 

Was an institution involved?

Yes, there were a few institutions involved after I won a scholarship to Raffles. I changed my undergrad degree to styling, which took place at Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney. This is where I graduated in Creative Direction & Styling. I’m currently completing a master's degree at RMIT in fashion and I’m in my final semester.

Tell us about the materials behind your collection.

The collection is basically centred around two major colours – dusty pink and brown. In particular, this helped me to build a collection and allowed me to explore materiality and fabrication. The material choices reflect core colours and explore the unorthodox ways materials can be used. 

Have you used genuine leather?

I have, but I am also very conscious of the impact [it has] and how it has been used within the collection.  

Your work seems to be trend-conscious.  Do you feel driven to re-interpret popular aesthetics?

Not entirely, I am aware of the trends and what is happening, but I’m interested in creating things that are not so trend-focused.

Photography and interview: Sebastian Petrovski
Styling and design: Hugh William Stewart
Model: Hannah Potter


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