In the pursuit of delicate minimalism in style, Australian designers of both clothing and jewellery are frontrunners. When the minimal movement that had previously dictated the 1990s re-emerged several years ago, fashion ventured into the spaces of the phrase ‘less is more’. At the helm of this, many Australian jewellery labels launched ranges that retained delicacy, while also setting standards for modern simplicity.


Born in 2011 from a goal to combine the goldsmith background of Robert Sebastian Grynkofki and the design skills of Sarah Gittoes, SARAH & SEBASTIAN emerged. The Sydney label lay focus on sophistication, simplicity and high quality materials for their variety of rings, bracelets and necklaces.


Melbourne’s Seb Brown creates jewellery to reflect the wearer and their daily life. Imperfect in structure, each piece is uniquely shaped and crafted, mirroring not only character traits, but also daily nuances we encounter. His work features a variety of shapes, textures and weights, ranging from thin, delicate creations to clunkier formations.


Working with traditional crafting methods to create small releases of unique pieces, Two Hills in Melbourne has maintained the theme of simple, untamed beauty. Hand making each piece, designer and jewellery maker Rhiannon takes care to ensure each piece is as beguiling as the one before.


After working in the fashion industry for 15 years, Petite Grand creator Tanja Kovacevic felt the absence of emotively felt daily jewellery. The designer then began the jewellery label that is Petite Grand, working with practical needs and desires of consumers, while incorporating her own personal style into the feminine pieces. The jewellery has been able to encapsulate both high fashion style and daintiness into its aesthetic, resulting in a range that appeals to all.


Looking at the thoughtful intricacy and placement in Estelle Deve’s pieces, you would not at first believe that she is a self-taught artist. However, after gazing more closely at the magnetic studs, the Swarovski crystal pearls held in place by rows of hand-decorated brass and the man made feather-like pieces, it is easy to see that this designer thinks outside the box.


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