Since the launch of macgraw three years ago, sister duo Beth and Tessa MacGraw have well and truly earned their place in the Australian design industry with their easy, unique and detail-oriented design. 

Their colourful personalities and keen eye for all things beautiful has attracted a strong fan base, including key media, stockists, social media and celebrities.

And nothing has changed, with a new collection that even Little Bo Peep would love.

The Shepherdess collection, which features the cutest little lamb print, remains consistent with the brand's signature style. There's a strong mix of simple silhouettes, detailed lace, eccentric patterns and a simple colour palette, and it's both feminine and effortlessly elegant.

Plus they've seriously upped the adorable factor, shooting with two-month-old goats and lambs. 

Too cute.

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I want it and I don’t even have a dog.
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you...
Because KW knows how to make us feel warm inside.
Pop it in your basket ASAP before anxiety takes hold.
Because a canine-inspired foundation is just what you need.
We challenge you to find a cuter photoshoot.
The best photos ever, not even kitten.
Too many sales, not enough wardrobe space.
On a side note, go out and by yourself a wide belt, stat.
'You are never going to see us do the same sort of thing or send the same thing down the runway."
Wildy sophisticated and candy coloured: whats not to love?