Moschino has quickly become one of the most anticipated shows of the fashion week circuit, with its pop culture references and playful, near-caricaturistic design. 

So along with the rest of the world, we were super duper excited to see what the fashion house would deliver at this season's Milan Fashion week.

And as proceeded to view each image, our excitement grew...


No, not quite. But it is most definitely our Looney Tunes friends looking fly and splashed across basketball-inspired silhouettes. 

The procession then turned to a series of looks that can be best described as old school 'ghetto glam'. Stacks on stacks of oversized bling, gold foil on denim patchwork, printed furs, inside-out baggy jeans, trackies; the works. Even a teddy bear motif reminiscent of Kanye's Graduation days featured, so naturally, we loved it.

The collection ended with a series of extravagant Romy and Michelle-style prom dresses (gloves, wraps and all), that had been graciously defaced with graffiti. 

It was all very '90s and very new-era Moschino.

Available soon at stylebop.com.

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