They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, in which case Justin Bieber and Lara Stone should be really really flattered. Because Bondi Hipsters just recreated their internet-breaking Calvin Klein campaign.

From the sultry ab shots (of which there are many) to the intimate horizontal poses, Christian Van Vuuren and Nicholas Boshier took on the roles of Lara and The Biebs, recreating the campaign with a concerning level of precision. They've nailed everything from facial expressions, to hand placement, even the angles of their chins. 

And if the spot-on imagery is not enough to crack a laugh, Bondi Hipsters have also put their own spin on the #mycalvins hashtag, replacing it with other social media appropriate phrases such as #myclingyfriend and #mysingletshrunkinthewash. 

In one word, it is hilarious

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