Sequins aren't exactly the first thing that jumps to mind when you think of high fashion. Yet coupling the two is exactly what Raf Simons has done as Dior's creative director for its 2015 Pre-Fall collection. The illusive collection was displayed in the aptly dystopic Kokukigan Sumo arena in Tokyo earlier this week. 

The ethereal line more than subtly borders with fantasy, as second-skin sequin turtlenecks blend with high leather boots, long fur vests and bar dresses. 

Gliding across the futuristic elements of sequin skins (an unexpected must-have item for the upcoming season), neon coloured thigh boots and leather coats, was a contrast of platform boots and homely Fair Isle sweaters rendered entirely in paillettes. It was finished with fake snow falling from the ceiling.

Raf Simons took the house even further from the expected notions of cocktail dresses with a captivating interpretation on a range of knit vests, plaid dresses, wide-legged trousers and waxed cotton coats.

While this may sound like the description of multiple separate collections, the house seamlessly blends all these elements into one alluring line. 

Dior's atmospheric collection is an undoubtable centrepiece from the Pre-Fall season. 



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