Lazy Oaf has teamed up with an impressive assemblage of international artists in an unexpected and innovative capsule collection, entitled A Fun Project.

An acronym for 'Apathetic, Funny, Ugly but Nice', A FUN Project apparently embodies everything Lazy Oaf loves as a brand.

It merges the label's iconic styles with cartoon prints from Dominic Kesterton, Jack Sachs, Jiro Bervis, Kyle Platts (UK), Alexander Medal Calderón (Chile), Yoko Honda (Japan) and other illustrators from around the world, combining each artist's unique tastes in a melting pot of different colours, shapes, prints and designs.

A FUN Project launched earlier this week at the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival in London’s Somerset House, which has been transformed into a real life funhouse, featuring a trippy landscape complete with googly eyes, wiggling worms and even a cuboid cat table.

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