Turns out the Apple Watch is actually kinda wearable.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

ICYMI the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch were unveiled in a totally big deal this morning. Not being computer geeks, we didn’t really care about the latest tech offering, until we noticed the Apple Watch is actually wearable.

Designed with the help of former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, the Apple Watch is ‘less geek more chic’, with settings ranging from black stainless steel to 18-carat rose gold and a series of interchangeable straps.

The base design is similar to its phone counterpart: subtle, neutral and begging to be customized, with a sleek rectangular face to display your background of choice.

Surprisingly, it’s also pretty handy. We probably wouldn’t use it to make a call, but we would send love vibes to our iWatch-wearing-besties and tap it to buy our morning coffee. Yes, it does those.

Despite the stagnation of past wearable-technology (Google Glass anyone?), it looks like this gadget might actually be successful. 

Watch this space.  

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