Absolutely ripper.

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So it's been another ripper year. Another ripper year that's culminated in yet another ripper Beat Xmas Carpark Party.

Joining forces with our brothers from the same mother - Beat, Mixdown, The Brag and Forte - we swapped our heels for sneakers and let our hair down* at what was definitively (probably) the party of the year.

It all went down in the Furst Media carpark where we somehow managed to set up a stage, bar, portaloos and some sweet, sweet toasties. Plus another 1000 people.

Acts included Pearls, Mesa Cosa and the Sugarcanes, and saw the dreamy Edd Fisher and Prequel on the decks, so naturally it was a pretty great night.

Until next year. 

Figuratively, of course. It was about 85 degrees and our hair was obv up in a bun.


Shot by Le TANS




Sara Tansy

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Lights and music are on my mind.
Still blowing dirt out of our nose.
Possibly the best singer in the whole world.
We heard everything...
The fash-pack have serious style stamina.
The street style is fierce in Sydney.
The best part of fashion week.
Comfortingly few muscle tees.
All the beauty, mayhem and those fish-tail ponytails.