Promises to shift your world.

Words by

Naomi Hatton

Having toyed with us a little while back for their anticipated online store opening, Shifting Worlds is now live. In the flesh. 

As promised, Archive's sister store Shifting Worlds is up and running in Melbourne, stocking a number of international and Australian names, including the obsessively unique Issey Miyake (YASSS). Along with designers, you can find rare book editions and perfumes #reasonstovisit.

And as we saw at the store opening last Sunday, it's even more divine in person.

This is the time to get offline and venture down to Elizabeth street to experience the beauty that is the Shifting Worlds store. 

It's crisp, quirky and colourful. We wouldn't expect anything less from the luxury retailer.


Level 1 187-193 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 3000

Photography: Justin McLean @ Aevoe