All about the female experience.

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Veronica Jenkinson

You've got to admit that we all love a little sleepover every now and then. Well, we've found you a sleepover you'll want to be a part of.

The Sleepover Club is a feminist project run by Elise Arumets and Miriam Arbus that wants to celebrate women in the artistic community.

In our current climate, women are underrepresented in exhibitions, solo shows and museum collections. The Sleepover Club encourages collaboration and solidarity among the artistic community to push back against this lack of equality in the arts.

They're funny and light-hearted but also intelligent, leaving you with a powerful feeling. And they've got a number of amazing events planned to get the conversation started, which kicked off with their first exhibition last Friday night. 

It was an all-female exhibition that brought together a number of different artists and practices, examining their contemporary female experience. The exhibition provided a catalyst for "transcultural feminist solidarity" with a hope of creating conversation around the future of feminism.

They've decided "safe feminism" is no longer a viable option to get equal representation of LGTBQIA+ women, women of colour and cis women artists, so they're taking it into their own hands.

The next event for the Sleepover Club is their conference on solidarity on September 26. There will be lectures, artist talks and performances followed by live music, so not only can you help make a stand on solidarity but you can have an awesome time doing it.

Here's to being a woman.

Sleepover Club: A Conference on Solidarity
Saturday September 26
12.00pm - 10.00pm

Brunswick Street Gallery


James Robinson @ AEVOE

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