The models abseil down a vertical runway and it’s ridiculous.

Words by

Arianna Lucente

Welcome back. Apparently we’re halfway through!

This episode was all about stupid challenges and facing fears but before they launched into that, the models took a moment to appreciate a double rainbow and a bit of whale vomit.

Oh my god it’s full-on! Double rainbow all the way across the sky! What does this mean?

After the double rainbow phenomenon, the girls headed inside. No visit from Jen today. Just a talking head on a screen. She let them know that they would face a very scary and confronting challenge so that got them talking about their worst fears.

Cockroaches were a collective fear and Brittany piped up about magpies and feet. Of all the fears in the world? Feet? Feet can be nasty but pure terror? You had a panic attack before you went on the runway in the first ep. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SEE FEET?!

Anyway the challenge doesn’t involve bugs, birds or terrifying feet. It involves heights and Izi is quietly freaking out because that’s her biggest fear.

The girls must walk a vertical runway down the front of the AMP building for Miss Shop. It’s five stories up and 30m high.

This is the worst idea ever. Maybe if the girls were slowly lowered down with the harness, they could at least strike a pose until they reached the ground.

No. The girls just scrambled down that building like contestants on Fear Factor. Not like models strutting down a runway.

Just the logistics, oh ma gawd! The runway wasn’t even a hard surface. It was a flimsy piece of vinyl tarp that just billowed with the wind. The girls were flailing about because GRAVITY people. Gravity is pulling them towards the ground, not keeping them glued to the building.

Anyway it was a disaster. The girls could not have done anything about it. They tried to pose and walk at the same time and look fierce and just no.

Alex won the challenge, scored $5000 worth of Miss Shop clothes and will feature in their SS16 campaign.

Miss Shop’s category manager, Vicky, congratulated her and gave us a little branded spiel.

“Alex you nailed it. Your confidence was really infectious and you just exude everything that the Miss Shop girl is all about. Confidence, having a bit of fun, had a bit of pizazz and you really rocked those clothes. Well done.”

Sure. All that confidence in the air really infected those attendees 30m below. And sure… I also align the word pizazz with Miss Shop…

Alex was super excited to get back on top obvi.

“I know the other girls would have wanted to win it. They’re probably a little jealous. Or a lot actually. I would be.”

Lucy was at the bottom of the ladder because she was pretty scared up there. Same with Izi.

The photoshoot was at the Valvoline Raceway so Brittany was excited because she lurves dirt.

They had to pose amid moving dirt bikes, racing cars, some carefully placed tyres and other cool dirty things for a Cosmopolitan editorial spread. Alexandra Agoston was the guest judge and her reveal was not staged at all. Just a few casual laps around the track before she emerged from a race car, removed her helmet in slowmo and shook her perfectly tousled locks out.

I wouldn’t say this challenge was about being fearless. Sure there were bikes flying around but it was mostly impractical. The models couldn’t hear any of the direction that the photographer, Richard Freeman, the Cosmo fashion director, Nicole Adolphe, or Alexandra were giving them because of all that engine revving. They couldn’t move much in the scene either and only had a few shots to get it right.

Eliminations. La Roux. ‘In For The Kill’. Da Skream remixxx. So moody.

Alex Perry was NOT impressed with anyone’s photos. Too catalogue. Sah middle of the road. He gave everyone a five.

Because there are seven girls and eight pages in the editorial, Jordan got picked for the double page spread. Alex’s photo emphasised her height and 6-foot Alexandra Agoston stood next to her for comparison.

Only you shawty.

Lucy was at the bottom of the ladder and Jen baited her with a question that made her burst into tears.

“So Lucy, are you worried that this shot could send you home?”


Good one Jen. Look what you’ve done.

Izi and Lucy were tied for the bottom so Alex and Jen got to circumvent the rules by choosing their fave. Or the one with “the greatest potential moving forward in the industry.” Same thing.

They both chose Lucy but Izi was super nice about it. Poor Izi! Really liked her! ‘You Should Know Where I’m Coming From’ by BANKS sent her off and it all happened very fast.

Next week looks like DRAMA. Cheyenne gives attitude to Brittany who then gives attitude back and then Cheyenne accuses Brittany of giving attitude. SASSY.

Also Alyssa Sutherland is the guest judge. Cya next week folks!


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