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We all know the story. Spend three weeks pay on a dress only to wear it once. It’s heartbreaking and hard on the hip pocket, so a group of new businesses are fighting back with designer rental services. Here’s a few of the best.


Where: Australia wide
Brands: All designer everything
Price point: Starting from $40 weekly

Why you should rent/list with them: Been eyeing off that LV for a while? This is one way to ensure you can afford it. Not only is Use My Bag good for renting, you can also list your own goods on there. Think of it as a sharing site, kind of like an Airbnb for designer handbags. This is a win if a) you want to offset the cost of your new purchase, b) you want to try before you buy, or c) you’re swimming in designer handbags (yeah right). Owners have the option to invisibly tag each bag with advanced DataDot security and bags are all covered by a tailored insurance policy.



Where: Australia wide. Try on in Melbourne
Brands: Ellery, Nicola Finetti, White Suede, Josh Goot, Aurelio Costarella, Bec & Bridge, By Johnny, Danica Erard Millinery
Price point: $50 - $250 (includes dry cleaning)

Why you should rent from them: Because doesn't every girl wish she could steal something out of her wardrobe? Well now you can (even if only for one night). Founded by fashion devotee Alex Osmond, Her Wardrobe is passionate about promoting incredible design talent and giving women the opportunity to wear amazing pieces. Without the designer price tag.



Where: Australia wide. Try on in Sydney
Brands: Alex Perry, Camilla, Christopher Esber, Nicholas, Peter Lang and Camilla and Marc
Price point: $75 - $320 (includes dry cleaning)

Why you should rent from them: Your Closet allows access to luxury Australian and international designers’ collections at a fraction of the retail price. The Your Closet team goes the extra mile to ensure customers are completely satisfied, offering a free back-up size with every rental and advice from experienced stylists to assist with your dress decisions. You can also enjoy $20 off your next rental when you sign up and become a member.



Where: Australia wide
Brands: 17 different designers including Manning Cartell, Camilla and Marc, Zimmermann, Josh Goot, Dion Lee, Scanlan Theodore and Camilla
Price point: $40 - $200 (includes dry cleaning)

Why you should rent/list with them: These new kids on the block understand what it’s like to spend a fortune on a dress, just to have it

sit in your wardrobe. So they’re giving girls the opportunity to not only rent, but to join their team and make available their designer pieces to others. They also have a comprehensive review system to ensure they stay top of their game.



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