B**** stole my look.

Words by

Giulia Brugliera

Taking street style photography to the next level, Dutch photographer Hans Eijkelboom has pointed his lens at society and shown us how we all dress exactly the same.

For 20 years, Eijkelboom has travelled the world, picked a spot and snapped "between 1 and 80 photographs a day, almost every day, 12 months a year.” What started as mere documentation of what Eijkelboom saw, the pictures when grouped paint a rather disturbing picture of humanity and how we dress. It seems to be a case of monkey see, monkey do, not unlike our ancestors.

The images have since been compiled into an anti-sartorial street style journal, entitled "People of the Twenty-First Century".

You can check out some pages in the gallery above and perhaps heed our advice that it may be best to stop shopping at Zara.

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