"I’m soooooo over everyone ripping into Kanye."

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Bianca O'Neill

Ok, fash: I’m soooooo over everyone ripping into Kanye.

After announcing last minute that he was going to stage a guerilla show during NYFW, the rapper was the subject of endless media scrutiny for firstly daring to go off-schedule, and secondly for being famous while being a designer. Because apparently that’s JUST NOT FAIR. Hmph.

One designer (who ‘did it the right way’), now scheduled for the same time as Kanye, came out in disgust to the media, sounding like a bratty toddler who had their toy taken away by the new kid at preschool. 

She called Kanye ‘unethical’ and a ‘goliath’, saying that they had their show scheduled for months and now the important people would attend Kanye’s show instead of theirs.

At the risk of sounding like a meanie here, I’d like to say: So?

If Kanye had scheduled himself at the same time as her weeks ago, would it have made a difference? Nope. Is it Kanye’s fault that editors dropped Anne Bowen like a hot potato to go to his show instead of theirs? Nope. 

How dare Kanye try to be successful, provocative, make money, get editors to his show etc! It’s not fair!

Except it IS fair.  

The idea that Kanye was labelled a ‘goliath’ in the fray is ridiculous. He’s the constant target of overwhelming negative ridicule, and his season one line was criticised before he even started. 

Also, let’s look a little deeper into the facts here, shall we? Because I haven’t seen anyone do it properly so far… Anne Bowen was launching a streetwear line that would have competed with Kanye. And apart from the fashion pack, do the general public know Bowen? 

It also seems like she got more coverage for her line complaining about Kanye than I’ve ever seen her receive for her clothes… interesting, that. 

Meanwhile, Naeem Khan (also scheduled at the same time as Kanye) told media: “I am confident that the fans of the brand and those in industry who truly appreciate the art of design and craftsmanship, will come out to support us [Wednesday].  I am thrilled with the new collection and we are looking forward to a great show.” Christina Hendricks, Kat Graham and Ashley Greene sat in his front row. 

Post show, predictably, everyone ripped into Kanye’s vision. Which is interesting, because it’s the first time I’ve actually seen fashion media have a negative opinion about someone. You did it, fash writers, you were critical and the sky didn’t fall down on you! Finger snaps!

Do we really think Anna Wintour would have attended a show that wasn’t the future of fashion? It’s a runway – and like every other runway, it’s not meant to be worn as-is. Sure, I ain’t wearing stockings over underwear and combat boots on the street – but it’s a commentary on the future of the sport-luxe movement, and I sure as shit am reconsidering my all-flare, all-70s wardrobe right now.

Kanye is different. And people who are different don’t belong in fashion. 

At least, that’s the message I’m getting from fashion critics, boring reiterations of the same ‘trend’ over and over again each year, and every popular instagram account, ever.

Everyone crying over Bowen’s spilt milk on her behalf can calm down because, let’s be honest, It looks like Kanye’s celebrity did help her in the end. 

I’m now talking about her.

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[Images via Highsnobiety]

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