Because we all need a little help when it comes to Boxing Day.

Words by

Mia Abrahams

Because Boxing Day is the most challenging shopping day of the year, we thought we'd help you out with a guide to attacking it... and pulling through with the goods.

1. Be prepared…

You wouldn’t climb Everest without a jacket, and you wouldn’t explore the Amazon without a map…the same applies to the Boxing Day sales. Choose your shopping strip of choice and then decide what you really want to buy. Do you need new jeans? Bikinis? A toaster? Plan to shop your must-haves early, so you can get the things you really want before you get too overwhelmed by the shopping mania. 

2. But not too prepared…

Half the fun of the Boxing Day sales is snapping up unexpected bargains from shops you wouldn’t normally dare to let your credit card into. If you stumble across something amazing that wasn’t on your list, go for it! You never know when you might find that amazing Japanese designed neoprene bucket hat again, at least not for 70% off.

3. Don’t blow your budget

Getting caught up in a shopping frenzy is a sure fire way to blow two months rent on a pair of Céline slides you’ve had your eye on all season. We’ve all been there. It’s a good idea to decide on an amount you are willing to spend before you leave for the day, and do your best to stick to it, especially because a lot of stores wont let you refund your impulse sale purchases. Trust us, you wont enjoy eating canned tuna in the dark for the next two months even if your feet do look amazing.

4. Take back up

Who can you trust to tell you that your butt really isn’t working in that pair of bright yellow culottes, or that a rhinestone encrusted denim jacket really isn’t going to be a summer essential? Definitely not the stressed, sleep deprived shop assistant. Your girlfriends (or your mum) are going to be your Boxing Day partners in crime, ready to give you an honest thumbs up or down in a badly-lit change-room mirror.

5. Be patient

There’s going to be queues, people pushing and scrambling for a bargain and a lot of waiting around. Take a deep breath. It’s just shopping!

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