Because first impressions last.

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Salil Kumar

Dressing for a first date is without doubt an unenjoyable experience. Whether it’s deciding which shade of blue is more casual, or debating the appropriateness of a baseball cap (never), there can be a lot of pressure surrounding this initial outing.

To help you out we've put together a guide of do's and don’ts when it comes to dressing to impress. Hopefully it's enough to bag you a second date - although don't hold us to that.

1. Think about where you're going 

If you’re picking the location, go somewhere you’ve been before and know the vibe of. It’s much easier to get ready with a clear dress code in mind and when you’re already familiar with the atmosphere.

2. Wear a shirt – always

Almost everyone looks good in a nice pressed shirt, especially if it was Arms Day. But if you think it’ll be too smart for where you’re heading, stick with denim or linen materials, or roll up the sleeves.

3. Leave the holey jeans at home

An artfully ripped jean may work for a night out, but it could prove a little distracting when the other party is trying to get to know you... and not your exposed knee. 

4. Invest in a nice wallet or cardholder

No matter how much cash you’re carrying, if it’s in a battered Billabong wallet from three years ago, you’re not doing yourself any favours. Look to upgrade to a sleek cardholder, and de-clutter your pockets. 

5. Don't overdo the cologne

No one wants to be suffocating in a cloud of Lnyx or the likes of any overwhelming cologne. Stick to a quick spray on your pulse points, and move on fellas. 

6. Chap on some chapstick

Yep, it's winter, so you may want to keep your lips in check on the chance things go really well on your date. Go for something with minimal shine and no scent, and apply it the night before to ensure you’re all set to go the next day.

Drew Wheeler
Julian Burak assisted by Thomas Rolland @ A Good Man
Thanks to: 
Corey Madden

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