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My fair lady.

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Giulia Brugliera

When a runway starts with Madonna's 'Vogue' you're in for one of two things:

a) a fun, retro, high-energy, girly, pop-sweet fashion show, or
b) one solid hour of fashion clichés.

Lucky for everyone at the MSFW: Spring Carnival runway last night, it was the first. The show was high energy, with models getting their strut on in a big way. One girl was so perky I thought she was going to bounce right off the runway.

As expected, the Spring Racing-focused runway delivered a largely ladylike aesthetic. Traditional silhouettes, florals, modest lengths, lace, A-lines, peplums... you know the drill. It was all pretty, soft and uber feminine. 

Martin Grant turned it up with retro-classic pieces that were a throwback to the heyday of Spring Racing. You know, the days when it was shocking to bare a knee. We saw polkadots, pearls and classic coat lines. It was pretty chic.

White Suede nailed the uber flattering trend of layering ankle-length volume with cocktail dresses (yas), while By Johnny kept it simple with signature styles and his trademark colour pops.  

Thurley pretty much stole the show, playing on both texture and shape. They dropped these incred sheer lace numbers that if I had the bod I would be wearing faster than you can say 'dayum girl'. 

Jayson Brunsdon gave us giant princess skirts which we lurved. They would look schmick when pared back with something a little less ballerina and a little more edgy. 

As for the rest? See for yourself.


Brandon Cook

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