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Forget what you’ve been told. We’ve read that many articles about the pieces you need in your wardrobe. And yet how often do you actually find yourself wearing black cigarette pants?

Yep, the answer is none. So we spoke with BNKR stylist Monica Morales to compile a list of the pieces that you actually need in your life.

And by need we mean you’ll actually wear them, over and over.

The White Dress

Why the piece is a staple: Crisp and fresh, white is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Monica suggests choosing any piece that fits your style: “It could be anything from a maxi dress to a cute and floaty mini. With the summer tan you’ll be rocking, it just looks so fresh and fun.”

How it can transcend a season: Trust us when we say white fits every season. “White looks great in winter and is in style every season, every year. Just make sure to head out with a good coat!”

How to pair it: You can pair white with almost anything. “Pair it back with accessories with a bit of punch - try some fluffy shoes,” Monica suggests.

BNKR recommends: The Fifth Now You See Me dress, Finders Keepers Heirloom dress

The Cool Crop

Why the piece is a staple: You may not realise it, but the crop is a very versatile piece. Monica says the crop is a great wardrobe staple because it’s multi-purpose, with “about a billion styling options.”

How it can transcend a season: While many associate crop tops with summer feels, don’t let that stop you carrying it on into the other seasons. “They are quite trans-seasonal,” says Monica. "You’re able to style them with so many pieces in your wardrobe."

How to pair it: Monica suggests “layering over dresses, wearing with high-waisted pants or skirts, or just styling as a base underneath some key pieces.”

BNKR recommends: C/MEO Collective Waiting Games crop

The Sleek Blazer

Why the piece is a staple: Everyone loves a good blazer - it’s the easiest way to automatically elevate your outfit and add a chic feel. “You can literally wear it with everything,” says Monica.

How it can transcend a season: In summer you can wear a blazer with light pieces, and when it cools down, the stylist’s tip is to “wear it over thicker and longer layers.”

How to pair it: A quality blazer is easy to chuck on over anything, from a dressy tailored pant to a girly fishtail skirt. Monica says you can also try a “slouchy, cool, heavily layered ensemble.”

BNKR recommends: C/MEO Collective City Of Sounds blazer, Finders Keepers End Up Here blazer 

The Statement Jumpsuit

Why the piece is a staple: Sometimes it’s just not practical to wear a dress, and the jumpsuit is the perfect alternative. You’ll get the same flowing vibes, and waaaay more comfort.

How it can transcend a season: Monica says: “Opt for a jumpsuit with simple design lines, because then you can dress it up or casual it down.”

How to pair it: You can wear your jumpsuit no matter the occasion. “It can be worn with some strappy heels for a night out, or some white sneakers for casual day hangs,” Monica says.

BNKR recommends: The Fifth Stay Awhile jumpsuit 


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