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You’ve heard us say it before: a change in season is the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe.

Shedd is here to make sure you can do so without feeling guilty. The app has just launched in Australia and is setting out
to eliminate wardrobe waste. It’s basically a marketplace in your pocket, where you can be both the buyer and the seller.

To join the fun, you just need to download the 
(free) app. To become a seller, take a pic of an item and add it to your digital wardrobe, along with a description and searchable hashtags. Once uploaded, your item will be shared with thousands of users. When someone buys your goods, you’ve got some cash to go shopping, which, let’s be honest, is the end goal.

And while this all sounds pretty nifty, it’s not even the best part. There’s already a group of influencers (like accessories designer, Poppy Lissiman) using Shedd, so you can shop the wardrobes of the people you follow (ahem, stalk) on Instagram.

We stole five minutes with Poppy to talk style and what you’ll find on her Shedd profile.

What attracted you to Shedd?

Like with every season, styles come and go. As my style evolves and changes, items I previously loved may be able to be loved and worn by someone else. I’ve also recently relocated from Perth to Sydney, so I’ve had to downsize my wardrobe drastically.

Describe your style in three words.

Bright, left-of-centre and eye-catching.

Any advice for successfully editing
 your wardrobe?

Having done this just recently, I really had to think about what items someone else would love and get more use out of than me. I made a decision to cull anything that was ‘fast fashion’ and keep or sell pieces I thought people could love as much as I did.

Favourite shopping destination?

Probably Hong Kong. I’ve spent a lot of time there for work and have come across a few young, no label brands from China and Korea. They seem to be really in line with my own style.

What’s the best second-hand item you’ve ever purchased?

I recently bought a beautiful hand-stitched silk souvenir jacket from Japan. It has embroidery on the inside and outside.

What’s the best style advice you’ve ever been given?

I’m paraphrasing Iris Apfel here: you need to be comfortable in your own skin before you can be comfortable in your own clothes.

What Poppy's selling on Shedd

Jeffrey Campbell boots

I purchased them overseas because I didn’t have a pair of black boots with me. Turns out I never wore them and I had a similar pair back at home.

Clover Canyon silk skirt
This is one of those items you love, but has just been hanging in your closet unworn. I adore the print
 on this skirt, which is the one thing that made it so hard to part with.

Christopher Kane dress
I bought this on a recent trip to London, purely because Christopher Kane is one of my favourite designers. I didn’t even try it on! Bodycon really isn’t a shape I wear anymore. Every time I go to put it on, I end up taking it off.

Vintage Christian Dior scarf
I originally bought this as a gift for someone’s birthday and never ended up giving it to them!

Le Specs sunnies
I used to stock Le Specs in my store, so when we started doing our own line of sunglasses and stopped selling Le Specs, I was left with some stock (all of
it unworn).

Rebecca Minkoff bag
The result of late night online shopping after a few glasses of wine.

Romance Was Born vest
I’m obsessed with this print but have worked out I’m just not a vest kinda gal.

Shedd is free to download
and is available on iOS and Android.

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