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On the rare occasion, wearing jeans can be a versatile and flattering wardrobe staple. More often however, jeans can be a denim prison of your own making. 

New research conducted by Target Australia has exposed that 88 per cent of Australian women hate shopping for jeans,  and that it makes 77 per cent of us feel bad about our bodies.

According to the study, it’s due to irregular sizing and fits that don’t conform to our bodies.

There are also some other figures that are kind of shocking. Like 51 per cent of women feel frustrated when they can’t find jeans that fit properly -and 46 percent of women feel overweight. 9 in 10 women also admit to not being able to find jeans that have right fit at all.

I’m here to tell you that I am one of those women.

After consulting The FJ guide to shopping for jeans and searching high and low for the right pair of jeans, I found myself in a denim dilemma. There are many reasons why I am like this 77 per cent, and it comes down to the following.

Differing sizes

Jeans are one of those things you definitely have to try before you buy. Every brand has a different idea of what constitutes sizing. One store I’m an 8, one store a 12, one store a 16. And don’t even try to give me sizes in the 30s. What is this sorcery.

Shopping after eating is just not an option

Feeling a little bloated? Had a little too much lunch? This is not an option when shopping for jeans. Every nook and cranny of your body is exposed in those changerooms, highlighting your muffin-top for all to see. Is it just me or do they make fitting room lighting the most unflattering of any room, ever?

They just never fit right

As a 21st century gal, I am proud of my curves - however denim brands do not seem to share my appreciation. I envy the girls who can just slip on a pair of jeans and have them fit perfectly. For me, I can have them tight around the waist but three meters too long – or the perfect length at the sacrifice of wearing two belts. Will the struggle never end?

Taking them off is basically a full body workout

Forget yoga, just go jeans shopping once a week to hit your exercise quota. Taking your pants off should not be a two-man job, so why do I have memories of summoning my Mum into the change room to help me pull off my ill-fitting jeans?

Because of these aforementioned horrors, Target Australia is taking a stand. After conducting the study, the Shape Your Body range was formed. The collection is designed to make every Australian woman embrace denim, which might be a long shot for me. Here’s hoping others follow suit.

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