Melbourne's fun new jewellery label tells us what's up.

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Melbourne jewellery label Building Two are fast on their way to receiving the crown as Queens of Street Sass, with their ultra girly range already attracting a clientiele worldwide. We had a chat to the designers to see what Building Two is all about.
First and foremost, how and when was Building Two developed?
Building Two consists of two friends who joined forces – blending our innovative minds, we wanted to create a proudly independent jewellery label that delivers quality and aborabubble pieces. We came up with this focus around the middle of last year and there is no stopping us now.
Each piece is so beautifully refined; tell us a bit about your quality control.
Well, each piece is hand made in our studio in Melbourne. Everything is made with sterling silver and natural pearls that are individually drilled by yours truly, which takes a lot of time and patience! Designing the ranges is definitely one of the most exciting steps and totally rewarding once you see people wearing a collection you have been working so hard on!
Who do you imagine a ‘Building Two’ girl to be?
If Paris Hilton and a young Elizabeth Taylor had a love child.. sassy meets sophistication.. that’s hot.
Visiting Broad Meadows in NYC, the pieces flow beautifully amongst the edgy pastel palette…will this be a staple design feature of Building Two?
We don’t want to give too much away but Building Two tends to focus more on the ongoing concept behind each collection rather than the main aesthetic. This helps us to adapt to the movements that we see within the fashion jewellery world.
The pearls have got the girls you could say! What has been the most popular piece for the first collection?
yeah for sure.. pearls get the girls! People have been going nuts over our Love Heart Pearl Hoops which incorporates elements of elegance (pearls) and sassiness…as they say ‘bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe’
To have branched world-wide within the first six months is an amazing feat, what is to come for Building Two?
Well we are hoping our next collection(s) will help us expand and grow as a brand, reach a wider audience and see babes wearing Building Two more globally…world domination…
Lastly, (pretty) please give us a sneak peak of the next collection for Building Two!
You know that #tbt epidemic that people love to do on instagram… take that into a more literal sense. Think back to your favourite pieces of jewellery as a pre-teen. That’s all we are going to say xoxo

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