FJ Shoot: Twin Thing


Twins-slash-models, Fiona and Grace Dawson, can’t read each other’s minds. They both have very different tastes and don’t think they look anything alike.

So naturally, we couldn’t resist asking the Melbourne-based twins about their lives with an identical other, alongside their FJ shoot. 

While their genomes are the same, the models’ answers weren’t all symmetrical. 

What’s the longest time you’ve gone without seeing each other?

Fiona: A couple of weeks. We go away during the holidays with different friends.

Grace: We usually don’t see much of each other during holidays, we do different things and visit different people.

Are mirrors unnecessary in your lives? Do you just get one another to try things on, so you can see it from all angles?

F: If we are shopping together, we just get the other one to try on [clothing], it saves time! 

G: We are the same size, so it makes it easier and faster to try on each other’s clothes.

What about when you want to get a haircut but aren’t sure? Can you just convince the other twin to get it, so you can see what it looks like before you try it on yourself?

F: No, we try to look a little different, so we wouldn’t want the same hair cut anyway.

G: We both have the same plan for our hair, grow it and keep it long. No need to convince the other twin to test a new style! 

Can you feel each other’s pain?

F & G: Nope.

Did you ever do a switcheroo in school/work/with boys/etc? 

F: We have swapped classes a couple of times…

G: When we moved to high school we [had to] stop. We were told we’d get detention if we attempted to fool a teacher. 

Do you ever feel awkward complimenting the other one’s looks? Like if you say ‘you’re so pretty!’ – surely you are just pumping yourself up? 

F: No, I don’t think we look alike at all [laughs]. We both have our different looks and styles, that wouldn’t suit the other one.

G: Over the 16 years we have spent together, we haven’t ever thought we looked the same. 

Have you ever had a telepathic moment?

F: No. Every now and then, depending on the situation, we can tell what the other one is thinking.

G: Like any family, we can read each other’s emotions easily but we haven’t had a telepathic moment. When people test our telepathic ability (like asking us to think of a colour and then seeing if it’s the same) Fiona and I have planned answers, so don’t be fooled!  

Do you ever look at baby photos and get confused by who is who?

F: Yes, it was harder to tell the difference back then. Mum and Dad can though. 

G: Yes! Everyone in my family struggles to see a difference. The only way to tell is if our belly buttons are in the photo. Fiona has an ‘innie’ and I have an ‘outie.’ 

What is one thing twin 1 loves that twin 2 can’t stand or vice versa? 

G: Avocados!

F: We have different music taste. So we sometimes fight [about] what music to play in the car or around the house.

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