Next gen designers: Grace Alateras

The student designer on our radar.

If you think we get sick of raving about up-and-coming designers, you’d be mistaken. 

Hailing from Melbourne’s south east, RMIT student Grace Alateras is one student designer we have on our radar. 

She’s just dropped her Honours collection, Eponymous, and we think it’s worth checking out. We asked Grace a little more about her work.

What’s the inspiration behind your collection? 

My Honours collection is a commentary on the impact of branding and logos in streetwear – particularly in relation to youth culture. I’m influenced by many brands and practitioners, from Nike and Christopher Shannon to Barbara Kruger. While diverse, they share a common thread: a prolific and unmistakable brand identity. They own their work through the placement of iconic visual signals, whether it is a particular way a zipper is attached, use of text or positioning of the logo. 

Do you design with a specific person in mind? 

Not really, that’s the beauty of streetwear. It’s a market for everybody. Even most menswear is not really constrained to the gender itself… I’ll be shooting my collection on women tomorrow! I definitely design more for culture than a person – always vibing off the New York, Japanese and UK streetwear scenes. 

What draws you to menswear? 

The functionality of it. I love challenging myself through the construction process and I adore working detail into my clothing. I feel menswear is under-explored and I’m only just getting started! But in saying that, fashion is becoming quite fluid these days, it’s not bound by gender anymore. 

What separates your designs from the work of other up-and-coming student designers? 

Attention to detail pretty much sums me up. I pay a lot of attention to fit, function and finish. You’ll often find me working on a shirt for ages, debating button placement. 

Is there any designer you aspire to be like? 

Raf Simons… I’d trade places with him any day! 

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

Working hard, overseas or here. I hope to continue my own practice, collaborate with creatives and grapple with my fascination with fashion branding. 

What’s been the most challenging aspect of studying fashion? 

Can I only name one?! Every aspect of the course is challenging in its own way but if it wasn’t, the results wouldn’t seem as rewarding. I’m definitely a sucker for a challenge! 

Do you have any advice for people considering fashion at uni? 

Spin around 10 times and ask yourself if you want really want to study fashion. Just kidding! Passion is an absolute must, if you are passionate you will find a way to achieve anything. 


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