VAMFF Diary: Premium Runway 1

Hell hath no fury like the humidity inside the Royal Exhibition Building.

If there’s one thing I learnt from last night at VAMFF, it’s don’t let air conditioning fool you.

A full length, long sleeve black outfit may feel super cosy in an office with air con, but hell hath no fury like the humidity inside the Royal Exhibition Building. 

I had tried arriving early again. I failed. But in my few precious minutes in the Festival Plaza, I did learn the following pearls of information.

  1. Bloggers arrive before the first show, even if they’re not attending the first show. I assume it’s so a street style photographer will approach them.
  2. Those candid fashion week shots where the person is mid-phone conversation? They’re not actually on the phone. It’s just a prop.
  3. Nadia Fairfax totally uses FaceTune on her photos. She’s just like the rest of us.

I was then hustled into my seat for Premium Runway 1 Presented by Vogue (.com.au).

Scanlan Theodore 

Scanlan opened the show with wow factor. Some Zhang-level styling meant next to no skin emerged beneath layers of leather, lace, velvet and faux fur. Yep, it was that delicious. A deep colour palette of emerald, merlot and midnight made us actually look forward to winter, and extra long leather boots and gloves made us actually consider wearing extra long leather boots and gloves. Everyone gossiped about Scanlan after, because yes, it really was that good.


I raved about Bassike yesterday so won’t go into this toooo much. But main highlight was an amaze polar bear-style, all-white, all-fluffy tank with these cropped white pants. Yas.

Camilla and Marc 

This season the duo has gone for the raw, undone vibe and it is working wonders for them. Balanced with their refined, luxe aesthetic, the collection is next to flawless. And no stress Camilla and Marc fans, the military vibe remains strong, with the double breasted blazer given an update for the season. 


Star Wars music was playing and it was fitting. If I can describe this collection in three words it’s androgynous, futuristic and post-apocalyptic. Everything was white and oversized to the extreme. Top pick: a textured white coat with deliberate creases that is all too familiar to those of us who still cannot iron a white shirt. 

Romance Was Born

THIS. This. Alllll this. Romance Was Born is killing it at the moment. The pair has reigned in its ultra playful aesthetic into something a little more mature. It’s almost like they’ve graduated from primary to secondary school. The collection can be accurately described as French Gossip Girl on steroids in the Victorian era but with Australiana weaved through. Think neat collars, ladylike silhouettes and modest lengths. As per usual, embellishments were nek level and audience gasps were audible.  

A mist also filled the air, adding to the theatrics. 

The mist was sweat. Ew. 

J’Aton Couture

J’Aton opened with two looks that attempted to show off almost everything the designers can do with outerwear. It was all a bit much tbh. But they won points for embroidering a wax stamp onto the backs – a nice touch. As expected, the boys delivered insanely beautiful gowns, proving their attention to detail is impeccable. Their execution is so on point it can save a feathered, beaded, naked dress with a bustle from looking tacky. A fine feat.


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