Inspired the city of Bilbao.

Words by

George Tzintzis

There are two different types of people in this world.
People who wear watches. And those who see people wearing watches and secretly want some arm candy too.

If you’re the latter, this one's for you.

Australian lifestyle brand The 5th may have swooned us in the past with its Melbourne, New York and Tokyo collections. But the new Bilbao range has us on our knees.

The latest in minimal and modern wrist wear comes in five different colours for every occasion, rose gold, silver, black, gun metal and blue.

The collection was inspired by the city’s renaissance architecture. It’s got a more European feel, in contrast to the brand’s other ranges.

What tickles us even more is the fact that styles are unisex. Now you can wear your boyfriend’s bling and get away with it… like you didn’t already.

Shop the collection online today.


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