Peony Kisses has left us impressed.

Words by

Tara Smith

In the latest example of young people doing better than the rest of us, we’d like to introduce you to Peony Kisses.

It’s the start-up accessories label which launched out of 16-year-old Marissa Payne’s bedroom.

The Sydney student gained industry experience by working a part-time retail job, also saving the cash to entirely fund the label herself. And she did just that, launching earlier this year.

“I thought now was the best time [to launch] as I don’t have a lot of commitments and it’s not a big deal if I don’t earn it all back,” the impressive gal recently told the Daily Telegraph.

The label offers a range of quality 100 per cent leather accessories in varying colours, all designed right here in Aus.

Spaning cross body bags, wallets, totes and pom key rings, the collection is produced in limited runs. So each item is pretty exclusive.

If you needed any more reason to get on board, all designs are also available on Afterpay.


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