Shop, drop and roll in cash.

Words by

Nikki Escalante

If you’ve ever hoped you could splurge on a bag and call it “research” or “work,” Carousell is here to make your dreams come true.

Yep, the marketplace app is offering a paid internship that requires you to put your number one skill into practice – shopping.

To be selected as shopping extraordinaire, you’ll have to commit to buying and selling items via the app, for a three-month duration.

You must also be an Australian university student, and available from June 1 to August 31 2017.

The research program aims to improve shopping experience for app users and of course, this requires heavy interaction with the service.

The successful applicant will get to take part in research excursions, write stories for social media and be mentored by Carousell co-founder and President, Marcus Tan.

“From fashion to furniture, you’re going to know Carousell better than anyone else so you can help us improve the experience for other Carousellers,” the description reads.

“You’ll even get to keep some of the stuff you buy!”

If you're ready to shop, drop and roll in cash, apply here. To explore other fashion industry internships, check out FJ Careers.


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